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We have been customers of Nickerson's Appliances since 2005 when we began planning a new kitchen and laundry room.  The guidance provided to us by Charlie Jr. in choosing all new appliances was invaluable.  What is at least as important but often missing from other businesses is the after sales service.  Nickerson's has always promptly dealt with any issues we have had by either handling it themselves or referring us on to an excellent appliance repair service.  Someone always follows up to make sure we are satisfied.  We very much appreciate the "personal" service we always receive and would highly recommend Nickerson's.

Pam and Drew Girard, Niagara Falls

We have purchased a number of appliances from Nickerson’s over the past 6 years and have been continually impressed with the advice and quality of service we have been given. It is refreshing to shop at a family owned business in this age of big box stores and impersonal service. We can’t imagine making our appliance purchases anywhere else.

Trish Crawford & Jacques Beaudoin, St. Catharines

We just wanted to say thank you for your attention during our recent refrigerator purchase. Your expertise and easy-going nature made the shopping experience a pleasure. As you know, we have always trusted Nickerson's for all our appliance needs. Not only have the prices been right, but delivery and removal of the old equipment has been very timely and has been completed by a very pleasant and professional crew. For all of the above, we thank you. It's what keeps us coming back. 

Thanks again,

Robert and Lois Parker 

Hello Mr. Nickerson,

My wife, and I are leaving to go back home today, but before leaving we would like to express our gratitude to you personally for helping us in solving the difficult matter we experienced with the maker of our kitchen appliances.

We will keep you in mind, for our next projects in Canada, given the great service rendered by you and your people in helping us acquire the appliances for our kitchen.

Thank you again.

Yours truly,

architect,  Italy

Many thanks for the card that arrived in the mail thanking us for our business.

I first learned of Nickerson Appliances through my daughter's Godparents, who lived on your property on Russell Ave. some time ago, with their two small children.

Our first house in St.Catharines was on Linlake Dr. (2000 to 2005).  All appliances in the house came with the purchase of the property.  Since the appliances were rather old, I was in to see Charles Sr. many times to get parts for the stove, the dryer, etc. and I even received a free service call since the seal on the dryer failed shortly after installation.  I always received great service and even "How to" advice from Charles Sr.  During this time we purchased a dishwasher from Nickerson.

 When we moved to our second house in St. Catharines on Mac Turnbull Dr,  we ended up purchasing a large and a small refrigerator, a dishwasher, a washing machine and a freezer from Nickerson.  My parents and my grandmother moved from Hamilton to a retirement village in Vineland at the same time that we moved.  I therefore recommended to them that they should also get their appliances from Nickerson and this resulted in the further purchase of two refrigerators, two stoves, two dishwashers and two combination washers/dryers.

Our last most recent move was to our third house in Burlington.  Due to our history and the excellent service that I have received over the years, we purchased our latest refrigerator, stove and dishwasher from Nickerson Appliances.  Once again I received excellent advice and recommendations from Charles Sr. as well as delivery service all the way to Burlington.  Many thanks for this long distance delivery - I just did not feel comfortable going elsewhere for our appliances.

Although I have mainly dealt with Charles Sr.,  Charles Jr. will remember me as the fellow who always said good morning to him at the Tim Hortons on St. Paul Street in St. Catharines.  Although I miss St. Catharines, that Tim Hortons and many other things, I had been driving to work in Hamilton and Burlington from St. Catharines for around twelve years and it was time to finally move and spend more time with my family.

Many thanks once again for the great advice, great service and great prices that you gave my family and me over the past ten years.  If we do require anything else, and if you will deliver to Burlington, then I would be pleased to continue shopping for appliances at Nickerson Appliances in St. Catharines.

Thanks and Regards,

David, Mirjam and Vanessa, Burlington

We have been dealing with Nickerson's for decades!  The prices are competitive and the service outstanding.  From the time of purchase to the completion of set up, you will be dealing with knowledgeable people who are very helpful.  We are happy the business has remained in the family!

Frank and Farrol, St. Catharines